What Is The Legacy Difference?


Often we are asked, “What makes you so different?” The short answer is – our attitude and our processes.

Our daily business philosophy is based on one simple question, “What is the right thing to do?” We don’t apply this to just the tough questions or decisions. We apply this philosophy to every phone call and customer interaction. We preserve and do the right thing.

Board Members

Transition – Legacy’s transition is the most detailed in the industry.

Flat Rate Pricing– No unexpected copy, postage, or office supply expenses with our Flat Rate Pricing. No charge for faxes, phone calls or emails.

Action Item Management– Action item reports are created weekly to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Landscape Punch List– Weekly punch list provided to your landscaper.

Vendors – We manage performance, adherence to contract and budget, ensure completion and report to the Board.

Board Training–Legacy offers Board training classes and encourages Leadership Centre Training participation.

Board Packets– Packets are emailed in advance of board meetings. These packets contain as much or as little detail as the Board desires. Hard copy packets are provided for all meetings.

Social Activities– We encourage community activities and offer support in planning community socials and activities.


CC&R Violations– Homeowners are provided with pictures for each violation. We achieve 80% compliance with this process.

Communication– When a homeowner calls, he/she is treated with kindness and constant respect.

- Ninety-nine percent of phone calls are answered live during business hours.

- All messages are returned in less than one (1) business day.

- We work one- on-one with homeowners to bring delinquent accounts current.

- We research homeowner questions or concerns and return their call with findings and suggest possible solutions.

Community Administration

Team Approach– Our employees respect each other. That caring attitude is reflected in the level of service provided to you, the Board and to your fellow homeowners.

Communications– Every call and interaction, with a homeowner, is logged into our tracking system.

In-house Collections– Legacy’s approach to collections is unique to the industry. Collection agencies and law firms put profits first. Legacy puts the homeowner first. If we see a homeowner struggling to pay their assessments, we are on the phone with that homeowner working with them to bring their account current.

- Costs to your HOA are greatly minimized.

- Homeowners are treated with courtesy and respect throughout the collection process.

- We have excellent success in keeping aged receivables lower than industry averages.

Inspections– We actually perform them! We regularly walk the property looking for issues or problems. If we find a problem, we will present the Board with the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Landscape Inspections– Common areas will be inspected, with your landscape company, on a regular basis. No drive-by inspections!

In all aspects of our business, we choose to create positive situations rather than react to negative ones. We take our values very seriously.


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